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ARC Patient Feedback

Guide lớn ARC Patient Feedbaông xã và Ratings

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) doctors, staff, & leadership are committed to lớn providing our community with high chất lượng convenient care. One of the ways we demonstrate this priority is through our online transparency.

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You can nhận xét our provider ratings và comments on our web site with the confidence that they are all based on verified visits. We post all patient feedback relevant khổng lồ the entire visit and only refrain from posting comments that are libelous, profane, or those that risk the privacy of our patients.

The below guide provides details about how we collect và tóm tắt our patient feedbaông chồng.

Who runs the survey?

ARC partnered with Binary Fountain to collect patient feedbaông xã about their doctor’s visit. We gather feedbachồng from text surveys that are sent after the visit. Binary Fountain is an independent third buổi tiệc ngọt customer feedbaông xã company that provides the technology khổng lồ collect the feedback and display ratings & comments on our website site. All ratings are submitted by actual patients và verified by ARC.

How do patients receive sầu the survey?

Patients for whom we have sầu a mobile phone number receive a text survey within two hours of checking in for their visit. Patients are asked lớn complete the survey và provide ratings & comments regarding their experience at different touch points of their visit. We use this feedback to recognize doctors & staff, identify issues we can correct, và enhance our care.

Do you post all positive sầu & negative sầu comments?

ARC posts all positive sầu và negative patient feedbaông chồng that is relevant to the entire visit. We refrain from posting comments that are libelous, profane, or those that risk the privacy of our patients.

What questions vày we ask?

ARC asks questions that touch on the overall patient experience related to lớn their visit. Anyone seeking detailed information about each question can view the ratings for each specific question on the nhận xét tab on the provider bio page on the trang web. We calculate our provider star ratings based on the responses to lớn question number six below. We calculate our location star ratings based on the responses lớn all the below questions.

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Rate how easy it was to make your appointment. Rate the helpfulness of the front-desk staff. Rate the helpfulness of the doctor"s nurse and/or medical assistant (MA). Did the doctor or NP/PA provide you with the care your expected?/li> How likely is it that you would refer a friend/family member to lớn this doctor or NP/PA? Please let us know anything that you particularly liked or disliked about your experience with today’s office visit. If you would lượt thích to be contacted about your visit today, please provide your phone number.Why don"t all providers display a rating?

Since more recent data provides a more accurate picture, we require a minimum of 30 patient surveys per doctor in the last 12 months before we post a physician’s rating.

Why can I only see comments from the last 90 days?

ARC physicians và staff Review all comments và act khổng lồ rectify issues. Since the purpose of the feedbaông xã is to lớn allow us lớn improve the overall patient experience, we display the last 90 days of comments which are the most relevant for the practice.

Can anyone complete a survey or post a phản hồi about a physician?

No. Only patients having an outpatient visit by an ARC physician receive a survey. The results are based entirely from patients who have actually been treated by the physician in our clinics.

How is patient information protected?

Comments are reviewed and approved prior to being published khổng lồ the trang web. If a phản hồi contains any personally identifiable information, that information will be removed from the phản hồi.


I have always known that I wanted lớn be a pediatrician – in fact, I was an ARC patient through my childhood! Pediatrics allows me lớn build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my patients & their families. Watching children grow up và meet milestones is one of my most rewarding experiences. My role as a pediatrician is lớn guide & empower my patients in making healthy decisions that will positively impact their long-term health outcomes as they transition inkhổng lồ adulthood. I take an evidence-based, team approach in supporting children from all aspects of wellness, including physical, mental and social well-being.

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Personal Summary

An Austin native, Dr. Van-Dinh is an avid competitive sầu đoạn phim bạn & “full-time geek,” enjoying anime, board games, Star Wars, etc. She is also a “huge foodie;’ she loves khổng lồ cook and is always searching for the newest eateries in the area. To relax, Dr. Van-Dinh plays piano and exercises at the thể hình. She also enjoys traveling the world & learning new languages. Her favorite area locales include shopping at The Domain, exploring South Congress, and walking through the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park during Christmas time.

Services Offered Professional Positions and HonorsDr. Van-Dinch holds these memberships và honors:
Member, Travis County Medical Society Member, American Academy of Pediatrics Member, American Medical Association Member, Texas Pediatric Society Member, Texas Medical Association Resident Teaching Award, UNM School of Medicine, 20trăng tròn Excellent Clinical Documentation Award, UNM Pediatric Residency, 2019
Joined ARC2021 EducationBS in Biology, Honors Program, Magmãng cầu Cum Laude, St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX, 2014 Medical SchoolTexas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, Temple, TX, 2018 Residency / InternshipUniversity of New Mexiteo School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM, 2021 LanguagesVietnamese, Japanese, Spanish, French